In days gone by, casinos were brick-and-mortar buildings, but no longer is the exclusively the case. In the UK, for example, players can find dozens of online casino sites, as platforms and brands from each end of the country compete their hardest for the focus of each and every punter. How do they accomplish this we here you ask? Well, they offer players plenty of incentives; such as those alluring free spins with no deposit necessary offers which they advertise all over the place. At a glance, those no deposit free spins seem to be the same as free money, but they may not be as easy as that, with there being a little more than meets the eye to these casino no deposit deals.

CasinoNo deposit spinsDeposit bonusEstablishedPlay Now
30 free spins£100 bonus + 50 free spins


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10 free spins£100 bonus + 80 free spins


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20 free spins£200 bonus + 100 free spins


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20 free spins£300 bonus + 100 free spins


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When you give Freespins Magnet a try in an attempt to find the ultimate deal, you will definitely find that no deposit free spins will catch your eye. It’s a good thing that you don’t go about claiming these offers blindly though. Our team are ready and waiting to dish out the leading free spins no deposit 2017 offers, as well as ideas about how to use your money wisely. You can also find even more offers by visiting our friends over at

Pick up a notepad and get ready to scribble, as we’ll show you just how to transform your free spins no deposit UK into good, old cash!

Getting to grips with matters

No matter where you go these days, you’re sure to find free spins no deposit promotions. Before diving into any action, though, take a look to see just what you’re jumping into. Once you know how to utilise them, the top end free spins and no deposit deals are not quite as difficult as they seem. Let’s look at the scenario below for example, once you receive a free spins no deposit casino handout of 40 spins, you need to finish that online casino’s registration process as well as its requirements to obtain your free spins.

When you receive your free spins no deposit required, you will hold 40 game rounds in your possession with no need to use any of your own money. An automatic value will be attached to each game round. Usually the value of free spins won’t be very high, because those free spins no deposit UK are meant to be an incentive to play, not a free ticket to a big payout. Some lucky gamblers have turned their free spin bonus into thousand-pound plus jackpots, but that isn’t often the case. But don’t let us discourage you, as it only takes one good spin to turn that free spin into some real cash if you’re on a lucky streak.

We created with one idea in mind, to help players reach the top of the free spins no deposit UK deals that are currently available with minimal fuss. Due to our tireless resources, we’re able to sort out the smaller deals and give you the bonuses that have some real pizazz. Here at, we enjoy casino-based gambling as much as you do. Rest assured that the free spins no deposit UK promos we show you are really of the utmost quality, with no half-measures in effect.

Beating the “small print”

By just taking a glance at our site, you can jump on board what’s happening fairly quickly. No other online casino portal knows top end free spins no deposit promotions the way we do, but we’re not going to show you a promotion and then simply abandon you. It’s the complete opposite actually, as we want players to be ready to use their free spins from the moment they’re claimed.

To help you along your way to reel-based glory, we need to mention the greatest roadblock you may face, which is the requirements for wagering. A tough situation that every punter faces sooner or later in his or her gambling days, the wagering requirement could be a rough experience sometimes. What is a wagering requirement through? Simply put, it’s the number of times you need to use your free spins bonus (plus its related “cash” value) before you’ll be given the right to withdraw your winnings.

Here’s an example, say you’re handed a free spins no deposit-required bonus of 40 spins, and each spin carries a value of £0.10. The total value of that bonus is £4.00. If the wagering requirement is 50x, you have to wager £200 through the deal and your connected funds to withdraw your earnings. You can read more about wagering requirements and have they work at Slotssons UK casino guide.

Those wagering rules are never any fun, but they do have their good points. By getting this far, you can reduce your responsibilities for a wagering requirement. With all no deposit free spins offer that we spotlight, we’ll tell you up front about any wagering requirements that are attached. That way you’ll understand exactly what you’re dealing with every time. Simply put, with on side, we can lead you to free spins no deposit casino sites that are both fair and manageable.